How to get Americans to take pandemic more seriously


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Dec 1, 2020
Been thinking.

How do you get Americans to take the pandemic more serious, like wearing mask, trying hard not to catch it, staying out of crowds, precautions, doing things at the top levels, and voting against Republicans and Trumpers etc.

Well, instead of thinking they might lose the momentary loss of smell, taste, or being locked in the basement for 14 days or being the 5-?% that die.

Maybe, if they thought they would lose their sexual drive, sexual dysfunction, densensitation “Permanently” along with the ability to not have any kids, sterilisation,,, They might would change their minds.

usually Americans are selfish self centred people.

And, still the death factor along side of that too. The next strain may well bring these very things indeed.
Which is why Mitch McConnell is pushing for lawsuit liability for employers.

someone knows that more viruses are coming after this one, it’s not going to be over after this one. 🦠
When the main message from the very highest level of government is: It's a Hoax

It will never, ever get any better.

What will eventually happen is that the death rate is going to be so ridiculously high in January that it will be undeniable by anybody. We're actually almost there.

But it's not going to change the MAGA folks. Ever. They only way they change their minds is just shortly before they die of it. Only then do they realize how stupid they were all along.
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