Heisenberg's 1000 Game Churchill Challenge


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Nov 12, 2023
This is an experiment to try to settle once and for all how the match maker works. If it's rigged as I think it is then I will always be right at a 50% player no matter how good or bad I do. I already have 518 games on this account since starting over so what I'm going to do is post a screen shot of my stats as they are right now. Here it is.

Here is a screen shot of all my T5 premium tanks.

Notice that the Churchill is not on it. That's because I just bought it. It has zero games on it. I also outfitted it with a rammer and vents and the extra armor mod. I bought it with gold without a crew and put the crew from the KV 1SA in it. They're not that good. They are at 100% and have a little bit of the brothers in arms perk trained. I am also only going to fire regular AP rounds for this experiment. No gold or HE. Here's the setup I will play:


This is going to take a long time but what I'm going to do is play only this tank for 1000 games and see what happens and post the results here in this thread and follow along with the stats of the tank and the battle results.
First game was a complete wipeout. Over in less than 3 minutes. I got off like three shots or so and that was it.
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Did 1180 damage game 2 with 2 kills. Still lost. I'm screen shotting every game with the battle results but I'll post them later on after I crop them down like Gomez asked.
I'm curious how this looks at 30 games. I'm not sure 9 is indicative....but I had to say that (they're on to you) as it's what I would expect from them if they knew your plan.

(yes call me paranoid)
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I'm betting by the time he hits 30 games his WN 8 will be back down around 1150 and his win rate will be 52%.

The Churchill III is a pretty good tank. It suffers a lot against T6 tanks but it can handle any tank its own tier with ease.

I can remember when it had pref MM and only saw T5 and lower tanks. It was unstoppable back then.
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Day One Results


I've also got the shots of the player results so that if we need to look at them we can. So far the only game I really sucked at was the first one and even with really sucking that first game I was second in the team results.


I figure that the overall screen shots from Tomatogg should be enough to show how I'm performing without flooding your site out with screen shots of every battle result. Plus you can sort of tell from the main screen shot if I did decently or not by how much XP I got so it sort of makes it pointless.

But again if anybody calls me out on a game saying I threw it or whatever then I do have those shots to back up my results. That's about all I can think of. Let me know if these are small enough file wise. I put them on the regular jpg compression setting and it says they're about 250 to 275 kb each.