Guess Which US Senator Left Texas While It Froze?

I saw that right before I went to bed last night. What a douchebag. Seriously.

Texas has been pure red for over a decade now and look what has happened to them: They can't handle a snow storm, they have no power, no way to restore it other than waiting on the weather to warm up, no plows to clear the roads so people can evacuate, nothing.

And during all that their governor goes on national TV and blames a plan that never passed in the Green New Deal, then he blames wind turbines that were never winterized by their privatized power company and their leadership takes off to Cancun for a tropical vacation in the middle of a pandemic.

And the MAGA's love it all.

When you lose voters to freezing to death....
That's the sad and pathetic part: he wont.

He had a 23% approval rating when he ran against Beto and still won. Fact is, GOP voters take whatever garbage they're given. If it's Ted Cruz or Mitch McConnel on the ballot against any democrat, they'll vote for Ted Cruz or Mitch McConnel.

They vote whoever is on the GOP ticket that they're given no matter how bad they are.

It's a cult. It has been for decades now.
Texas deserves everything they're getting. Fuck them. If you're going to vote those assholes into office year after year then you deserve whatever happens to you.
What a complete peice of shit. To be honest though he's no worse than DeSantis. DeSantis has the blessing of having a state like Cancun to live in so he doesn't have to haul ass.