GOP Measure to rein in the FED.


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Dec 1, 2020
A weekend stimulus deal could be derailed by a GOP measure to rein in the Federal Reserve (

like Dr. Wolff said. Their going to try and cripple Biden and the incoming administration. And, they want to stop "any repairs' that a democratic administration can make. This most definitely includes the Federal Reserve. Right now the Republicans are using it to prop up the system for their BILLIONAIRES, THE RICH, CORPORATIONS, etc. If they turn lose of the money to help the economy, the people, then prices $ go up, when people finally get more money ( another words their not starving and poor, and down and out anymore etc.) the economy runs. But, then prices will go up.

Well, these jackasses want you down in poverty so their bank accounts $, will stay full. At your expense.

Mitchy knows this, or has been told by his Billionaire contributors to "Strangle the Federal Reserve now." Now,, that Trump will no longer be there.

And, their using it to stop the stimulus. Always trillions for the rich $,, and POVERTY FOR YOU.

Capitalism... For you... A bath tub of socialism for the RICH $
Lawmakers reach compromise over GOP proposal to rein in Fed’s powers, clearing path for a stimulus package deal (
Democrats have partially Caved... ( As expected ) And, we know who don't we. Chuckie Schumer! But, of course. Remember, this day, despite the change in language, this will one day come back to bite us all the Ass!

Another reason why many in the Senate what Chuck out !

Debate over Fed’s powers prove stumbling block to stimulus talks
After the compromise was reached between Toomey and Schumer, McConnell’s office released a statement.

“Now that Democrats have agreed to a version of Sen. Toomey’s important language, we can begin closing out the rest of the package to deliver much-needed relief to families, workers, and businesses,” said Doug Andres, spokesman for McConnell.

The two sides entered a standoff that had intensified through much of Saturday.

Earlier on Saturday, Toomey argued that Republicans said the Fed’s programs, initially funded with a $500 billion congressional appropriation under the March relief bill, were of marginal utility earlier in the pandemic and are no longer necessary.

Democrats countered that the Toomey proposal represents an unusual political intervention into the independence of the Fed, limiting emergency lending powers it has possessed since 1932.

“It’s no surprise that Republicans are drawing a line in the sand over their ability to sabotage the economy, and tie the Biden administration’s hands,” Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon, the ranking Democrat on the finance committee, said in a statement.