Good luck, Coach Mark Richt

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
Retired Coach Mark Richt is a man I loved to hate. Long time coach of the UGA Bulldogs, and me being a GT man, made him public enemy number one.

But he's always been a class act. A good man, a good coach and someone that you hoped like hell your son would have as a mentor if you ever had a son in sports.

He has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

Godspeed and good luck, coach!

Yeah. He came back here to help rebuild Miami's fucked up program. He got it back on the right track before he retired. I always wondered why he hung it up as he was still in his late 50's. Guess that answers that question. Damn. That sucks. Hope he does OK.
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Yeah. He didn't move down to Florida until after high school. That's when he started school at MU and went from there. His whole life growing up was right here in Omaha.
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