Game memes.

I know guys that do that shit to their cars. Car ain't worth 1200 bucks but it's got 2500 dollars of mags and tires on it and a 2500 dollar stereo system with huge assed amps and subwoofers.
I'm sort of guilty of the same thing.

I'm driving the old 2009 Volvo S60. It didn't come with Bluetooth, so for my anniversary last year I asked if I could "Bluetooth" my old ride. Wife gave the green light.

So, 150 watts worth of Kenwood later...
Around here it's the trucks. They all put mismatched wheels on them that stick out way past the fenderwells because they probably stole them and then jack them up off the ground. They sound like they're going 100 mph when they're doing 30. Fucking ridiculous.
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I tried that game once. It was just as shitty as world of tnaks except for the pve. That actually wasn't bad. Boring but not bad.