Fox airs package debunking their own hosts claims

They've got two companies after them now. They're both voting machine companies. One of them built the machines in PA and the other in GA I think. They've been sprewing so much bullshit conspiracy theories about them both that I think one of them has actually already filed suit against them and the other just threatened them so they played that disclaimer stuff.

The good part was that the very people that spewed the bullshit had to sit there and listen to the tape on their own show telling their viewers it was all bullshit.

Smartmatic is a company that made software. It was only used in LA County, California and that's what was airing on Fox - that Smartmatic software wasn't used to change or alter votes.

Dominion is a company that actually builds the voting machines used in 28 states. They've done so for years on end. They are the ones that are being accused of rigging the elections in Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Colorado, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Never mind the fact they were also used in just about every state Trump won. :rolleyes:

Fox has opened themselves up for epic lawsuits over this. It's open and shut and Fox knows it.