Forget Trump. The Lincoln Project is now targeting Texas Sen. Ted Cruz


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Dec 1, 2020
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The Lincoln Project is well known for its attacks on President Donald Trump.
But after the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, the group has turned its attention to another well-known politician: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.
“We all know Ted Cruz is sort of a political force of nature. He is what he is. You either hate him or you hate him,” Rick Wilson said on Y’all-itics. “And he is a guy who went so far over the edge, not just to appease Donald Trump and Trump’s base, but because he felt like Josh Hawley had gotten out ahead of him on it.”
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The problem they have with Ted Cruz is that he does not care at all about his reputation. The guy is a sniveling coward and liar. He'll not say anything or do anything except whatever it takes to make him money.

Trump insulted his wife, insulted him, and nearly had him thrown out of the GOP and old Ted just sucked up to him and did Trump's bidding to the bitter end.

You can't shame someone who literally has no shame.
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