Flags, signs and other items left behind in Capitol riot to be preserved as historical artifacts


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Dec 1, 2020
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"Flags, signs and other items left throughout the Capitol by rioters who stormed the building Wednesday will be preserved as historical artifacts in the House and Senate collections and shared with national museums."

"It was after the House had reconvened Wednesday night, and after Rep. Andy Kim (D-N.J.) had voted to certify the Arizona vote for President-elect Joe Biden, that he decided to take a walk. He exited the House chamber through doors with bashed-out glass windows. He walked to the middle of the Rotunda and looked around at the remnants of the riot that had engulfed the Capitol hours earlier. There were American flags and splinters of historic furniture scattered with gloves and cigarette butts and the powdery residue left behind by fire extinguishers. The meaningful mixed with the mundane."
I'm still so livid over it I can't see straight.

And those "Murica!, Support the Troops!, Respect Authority!" assholes desecrated everything the claimed to stand for.

It makes me physically ill just talking about it.
I can fully understand your sentiments. I was surprised when I came across the article but upon reflection, I can see their value to future generations attempting to understand this era.
And being able to see a historic artifact can bring a more fully realized sense of history.
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In addition to the items left and the artifacts damaged, laptops were reported missing from the offices of Pelosi, Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) and others. A Florida man photographed carrying the Speaker’s lectern was also arrested this week.

We were just talking earlier about whether or not Pelosi laptop was taken or not? It looks like they did take laptops from her office!

question is, “were they hers? Or someone else’s ? Inside her office ?”

And who has them now ?

So, someone is in some serious hot water !!
Which would explain for another reason why she’s so pissed !! 😡 There’s no telling what’s on that laptop.

And, you can beat one of those idiots will give that to Roger Stones hand men, or a GOP or Trump operative. Always looking for dirt.

See average moron idiots, don’t think of that stuff. It showed that Qanon asshole sitting in the plane next to those GOP people, and people who were in the know.

They used these guys like patsies. They go to jail. What they need to do is find out who organized these people. ?

Who did they coordinate with ? Who was their connection? Who was up the pipeline? Rudy? Roger Stone ? Who was in between?

They need to fully investigate this.