Feds raid Mar a Lago - All things Trump

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Even then you'll probably find docs at the bottom of the casket.
I doubt that highly. A lot of people think that, but that's not something that Trump would ever do. It would be too hard to get his hands on them again to sell them.

Things like that he'll keep to where he can grab them quickly.

I'll tell you what I think is in that coffin: Cash. Lots of cash.

That is there for when he gets busted and the authorities take everything and freeze all of his assets and accounts. That's his go money for when it all goes pear shaped. Then, when the initial rush blows over and things calm down before the trial and the heat is off, he has that dug up and *POOF*. Off to Venezuela he goes.
Remember the new special counsel appointed to oversee all this shit? Turns out he was the one that made them ask to hold Trump in contempt - the day after he was appointed. He's the one that's been moving things along.

Newly-appointed special counsel Jack Smith is moving fast on a pair of criminal probes around Donald Trump that in recent months have focused on the former president’s state of mind after the 2020 election, including what he knew about plans to impede the transfer of power, people familiar with the matter tell CNN.​
Though he remains in Europe recovering from a biking accident, Smith has made a series of high-profile moves since he was put in charge last month, including asking a federal judge to hold Trump in contempt for failing to comply with a subpoena ordering him to turn over records marked classified.​
Since Thanksgiving, Smith has brought a number of close Trump associates before a grand jury in Washington, including two former White House lawyers, three of Trump’s closest aides, and his former speechwriter Stephen Miller. He has also issued a flurry of subpoenas, including to election officials in battleground states where Trump tried to overturn his loss in 2020.​
I don't want to get my hopes up yet again, but maybe, just MAYBE, this guy means business.
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