Fact or Fict


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Dec 1, 2020

My uncle was down there when this stuff was going on. He was admiral Byrds radio and teletypewriter communications Air Force tech operations specialist, during Operation High Jump.

One time when I was a kid ( 1969 ) my mom asked my uncle about the strange going on’s down there whether rumors were true.

My mom said he replied, “ Well, many, many world of things out of this world happened down there both unexplained, and things we were told not to talk about. Things that I knew if I questioned then, and if I were able to blow enough smoke about now, I would be looking for a speeding black car out of an alley to run me down!, And, that’s a fact.”

That’s what he said, and never said much more about it, other than how he got demoted over telling admiral Byrd to his face what a stupid SOB he was.

Whatever my uncle knew about these other things about Nazis, nukes, UFOs, etc. guess I’ll never know ?

Fact or Fiction ? Or both.
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