Earthquake swarm in Iceland continues, now with over 20.000 earthquakes detected since the start


Resident Canadian
Dec 1, 2020
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A powerful earthquake swarm continues on the Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland since February 24th. Over 20.000 earthquakes have now been detected since the beginning of the earthquake swarm.

As the series of strong earthquakes continues, more signs of magma movement are also being detected. This has prompted the officials monitoring the situation, to raise the alert level from yellow to orange.
Oh shit.

Isn't Iceland the one that had the big eruption a decade or so ago that shut down all air traffic in Europe?

I remember years ago watching a special on the volcanic system of Iceland and it was weird as hell. Rather than traditional volcanos they have these long fissures that erupt. They showed the end of one where the fault line was and it had jumped about 5 feet inside of a week.

It looked like God had taken a knife, sliced the earth in half and just slid one end over 5 feet. It was that clean and neat.

That's all we need: a major volcanic eruption on top of all the crap we've got going already.