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Dec 1, 2020
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It's assassination, plain and simple. It always has been. I've never agreed with the whole drone thing. Spying? Sure. No problem.

But any time it comes to pulling a trigger to kill someone there should be a human behind that scope. Someone responsible for it. The "Sony Playstation" approach to global assassination doesn't sit well with me. It never has.
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The problem for me is that if we make that shit legal then that makes it legal for others. You need to be careful with that shit. Next thing you know missles start flying through the living room windows of military leaders and members of the government here in the States. You wont be able to bitch about it either after you're the one that made the shit legal.
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Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi escaped unharmed in an assassination attempt by armed drone in Baghdad, officials said on Sunday, in an incident that dramatically raises tension in the country weeks after a general election disputed by Iran-backed militia groups.

First: I do NOT mean to infer the US was behind this. I simply dropped this article in this thread as it was the drone subject.
First off, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find out it was us. After all, everybody loves a good, long, drawn out, ongoing war to feed the Military Industrial Complex, right?

And we presently don't have one. Think about it.

If I were a betting man though, I'd put my money on Iraq. They feed on conflict almost as much as we do.

But here's the part of the article I really like:

"The cowardly terrorist attack that targeted the home of the prime minister last night with the aim of assassinating him, is a serious targeting of the Iraqi state by criminal armed groups," the premier’s office said in a statement issued following the meeting.​
Which takes me back to what I said earlier:

When we do it, it's self defense. When they do it, it's terrorism.