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Dec 1, 2020

Damn, I like how Wolff lays the stark truth out there and brings your feet back on the ground about things.

toward the end he mentions his class days at Yale taking the same classes as Janet Yellin, and what to expect from her.

He knows who she really is.

0-5:40 min What Wolff thinks of the Biden Economic team.

5:40 min onward... How much trouble our banks are in.

The rest is about the Union Rep from United Airlines, who represented the Stewardesses union and more.
Yea, it was him.

Yes, we are definitely going through an anti FDR period.

nothing is being done to bail out the American people not even like what FDR did. The ones who got the Trillions of Dollars of help have been the billionaires.

And, the [ let’s start calling by their right name from now on, “The Anti FDR Democrats” ] are not even talking about a federal jobs program, a new proposal of the new, New Deal, Busy playing around with this green new deal ... but the Anti FDR Democrats are against it.

Yea, I like that.

Anti FDR Democrats ( Centrist )

I’m only at the 1/2 way point watching this myself. But, I’m posting it anyway.

Hrs doing some good stuff here. We are the same point as Weimar Germany now. Literally so.

And, that is very dangerous, and the neoliberals have put us there, with these Trumpers.