Don't be a pedo in Nebraska

Hugo Stiglitz

Resident Vigilante
Dec 7, 2020
This asshole didn't get to actually molest the teenage girl. He just sent her some suggestive texts.

Fucker is facing 50 years. He'll get it too. Don't fuck around in Nebraska!

What the fuck is it with these guys? God damnit man! Ugly as he is he has no self respect so just bite the fucking bullet and go get yourself a hooker and be done with it.
They're republicans. That means they're Christians. That means prostitution is a sin. But they figure since priest are out screwing kids then Jesus is OK with it.
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They say she was a prostitute that ran into Jesus at a fountain and had a chat with him and decided to not be a prostitute anymore and hang out with Jesus and his 12 deciples. Sounds highly fucking suspect if you ask me.