Did Capitalist die?

There's him and the other two guys. The guy that had the breaking bad avatar and the Thing 1 guy. Haven't seen either of them in forever either. Since the old old forum.
The Breaking Bad guy was Heisenberg. He showed up a long time ago when he had created a site about how bad World of Tanks was and shortly after he did he found us. He struck up a deal where he could repost some of the content from EWOT on his site and give us the credit for it.

Not sure what really happened to him. His site no longer exist, so I take it he was a loner and when the site didn't work out he just folded up tent and moved on.

As for Thing 1, well, that's a bit of a long story I'd rather not get into. I will say this: last I heard from him was after he had gone to the hospital at UAB (University of Alabama Birmingham). He had been discharged and made some comments about that and that was it. I've not heard from him since.

So that's that about who is where to the best of my knowledge.
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