Deutsche Bank Enabled ‘Massive’ U.S. Ponzi Scheme, Lawsuit Says


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Dec 1, 2020
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Deutsche Bank AG is accused of turning a blind eye to a years-long Ponzi scheme that involved fraudulent investments in Florida, expanding the growing list of legal and compliance headaches for Chief Executive Officer Christian Sewing.

Liquidators of two now-bankrupt Cayman Islands investment funds sued the bank in New York and Florida, claiming it “enabled theft on a massive scale” that led to hundreds of millions of dollars in losses, court records show. Deutsche Bank maintained accounts for entities involved in the scheme despite repeated red flags and SEC sanctions against them, and it failed to enforce its own rules to prevent money laundering, the suits allege.
And they're still not out of the woods over all the Trump shit yet. He owes them over a quarter billion fucking dollars that comes due next year I think? All the people that arranged that loan are gone already.