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Dec 1, 2020
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This deployment tutorial is actually the third mission on the 1939 campaign and should cover all the basics.

At the very first this is what you see. Notice that I have no tanks. That is because the previous mission was all mountainous terrain and so troops were needed and tanks were pretty much useless. All of my tank divisions were sent to the reserves (more on that in a second) in favor of more troops.

Notice that I have used 45 slots and I have 55 available. (Center of screen at top) So I have 10 slots "open" to be used.

I also have 15,337 prestige to work with to outfit and upgrade my undeployed troops before I deploy them.

Shot 1.jpg

So now I go to my reserves to put my tanks back into the main lineup because on this mission I am going to need them. You switch from deployed to un-deployed to reserve troops using the three icons at the top of the units list. Note that the icon lights up to tell you which panel you are on.

So there are my 4 Panzer divisions that I sent to reserve so that I could add more troops the last mission. I highlight a tank and then click on the "move from reserve" button in the lower menu highlighted with the red box.

shot 2.jpg

So now I'm back at the un-deployed troops screen. Note that my Panzer division is back. Also note that my slot use has increased to 47 of 55. So now I'm going to go back and move the rest of the tanks back over from the reserves.

shot 3.jpg

So now all my Panzers are back on the undeployed list ready to be sent into combat. Note that I have now used 53 slots out of 55. I have only two slots left. Also note how the reserves arrow at the unit menu has disappeared. That is because I have no units in reserve anymore. So now let's go shopping to see if I can upgrade anything or purchase anything additional.

shot 4.jpg

So I select my most experienced tank and click on the upgrade button.

shot 5.jpg

That takes me to the store. I see I have access to the new Panzer IVD unit. Note the slot value highlighted at the lower right of the box that has the Panzer IVD in it. It uses 2 slots. For that matter, looking at all the tanks, they all take up only two slots. So we can upgrade our existing tanks to anything we want without using any slots at all.

So I'll go ahead and upgrade all of my tanks to the Panzer IVD.

shot 6.jpg

Woo hoo! All Panzer IVD's now. So now I think I'm set on tanks. I think I'm OK on troops too and they are all fully overstrengthed. They are maxed out.

shot 7.jpg

Looking at the overview map, I have a LOT of wide open country to cover. I will also be splitting my army into at least two prongs of attack. The problem is I only have one scout (recon) unit. So I'm going to add another. So I click on the dollar sign at the top left to go back to the shop to outright purchase a new recon unit.

Notice I have a new and better recon unit available on the right (boxed in red) but that it is greyed out. That is because it uses up 3 slots and I only have two slots left available. So I'm going to have to settle for the SdKfz 222 for now. I select it, click add to basket then click purchase to complete the buy and send it to the undeployed unit list.

Shot 8.jpg

And here we are! All done as far as buying anything. We have maxed out our slots completely.

Shot 9.jpg

From here, it's all on you. Deploy and attack as best you can.

It doesn't hurt though to go through your units and see if you can get any "free" upgrades. Nothing in the game is totally free, of course, but like our tanks you may find a unit you can upgrade to a better one that doesn't require any additional slots.

It's important to check that as you go through each mission.

Good luck!
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