Democrats Unveil Bill to Decriminalize Drug Possession at Federal Level, Expunge Records


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Dec 1, 2020
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A bill to end criminal penalties for drug possession at the federal level was unveiled by Democrats on Tuesday, ahead of the 50th anniversary when President Richard Nixon declared the "war on drugs."

The Drug Policy Reform Act (DPRA) would decriminalize personal use possession of all scheduled drugs—including marijuana, heroin and cocaine—and automatically expunge records and provide for resentencing for those serving time for certain drug-related arrests. It would also prohibit the denial of employment, immigration status, public benefits, voting rights, and more based upon a criminal history for drug possession.

Under the DPRA, authority and criteria for the classification of substances would shift from the U.S. Attorney General to the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The HHS would be responsible for producing a report on the benchmark amount for personal use drug possession and recommendations for preventing the prosecution of people possessing or distributing personal use quantities for each drug.
Expunging records in this country is a joke. It never, ever happens. Example: the only speeding ticket I ever had was back in 1987. Your traffic record is supposed to be expunged after 7 years. About two years ago a cop I know was telling me nobody ever expunges records and he showed that my speeding ticket from 1987 was still on the record. They couldn't release it to anybody, but they would still know it was there.

I'm sure this would be the same.

Also, this is a crap way to go about doing it. You don't need to legalize crack for God's sake. They're doing this on purpose knowing that it will fail but it will make some people think they're actually trying. This has NO CHANCE of passing and they know it.

All they have to do is REMOVE MARIJUANA FROM SCHEDULE 1.

That's it. You do that, the rest will take care of itself. But they'll never do it because they don't really want it done. This whole thing is just more lip service like the 15 dollar minimum wage.
This isn't Portugal. Trust me, this bill will go nowhere. It'll pass the house and fail in the Senate by design. Then Dems will say, "Well, we did what we could" and leave it at that and blame republicans for it.

Fact is, they don't really want to pass it at all any more than they did the 15 dollar minimum wage. That was all lip service. They say, "The parliamentarian said we shouldn't so we didn't".


Know what McConnell did with the parliamentarian? Fired him and did what he wanted anyway. Dems could have done the same thing or just flat out ignored it. They didn't. Why? Because they never wanted it done to begin with.

This whole thing has turned out to be a bust. That's why I'm fairly confident that the democrats will lose the house and the Senate in 2022.
Yep. This is pure bullshit as usual. Exactly nobody in this country asked for it. All anybody really asked for was decriminalizing MJ for fucks sake and they can't even do that. Lets make crack addicts walk the streets with impunity. Yeah. That bill is dead before it even gets unvieled. No fucking way that passes.

Why can't they just do what the fuck we sent them there to do? Just legalize marinjuana you stupid fucks! It's not hard!
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