Dem’s New Bill Aims to Bar QAnon Followers From Security Clearances


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Dec 1, 2020
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“What we discovered was that there was a shocking number of people involved in that insurrection who seemingly live normal lives, working in government and law enforcement and the military,” Murphy told The Daily Beast. “It’s really dangerous for individuals who hold these types of views to receive a security clearance and access to classified information… if any Americans participated in the Capitol attack, or if they subscribe to these dangerous anti-government views of QAnon, then they have no business being entrusted with our nation's secrets.
Putin has succeeded beyond Kruschevs wildest dreams.
I was thinking about this about a week or more ago.

The entire affair involving the capital insurrection business and all the fallout on it. You could consider it a success in a couple of ways from that standpoint.

But, you can go much further. You can go back to the Trump presidency on Nov 2016, where it all began. Vladimir Putin made the comment, "We succeeded far beyond even our expectations, than what we were hoping for." And, he was right. Look, there's no doubt still in my mind personally, that they had something more meaningful, to do with with Trump getting elected in 2016 than meets the eye.

They were responsible for the things that the Mueller Investigation found them of doing; however, I think there's more. There are other things we haven't caught, or still are not aware of. Or, perhaps our own CIA; or even FBI Intelligence dept. or DNI, know about that is tightly guarded from the American public. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is actual believable, credible, realistic standard operating procedures by these agencies. And, plausible, indeed to be for sure. And, I do believe it, I'm not crazy for believing that. If it impacts national security, means, and measures, operations, in the field, etc. Or, IF Trump, Stooges, refused to release any documents, by over classifying those files, they'll never see the light of day until such time, unfortunately.

The behind scenes American government, will never release this, because it would shake the confidence in the "poor dumb apple pie" American public, and cause massive outrage. If it ever saw the light of day, it will not happen for the say? 12-20 years from now at the soonest if even that?

But, the point is yes, they succeeded in many, many ways !! It was a WIN for Mr. Putin. No doubt about it. (There were multiple wins)

IF you'll notice also, nothing is being said about Russia. Biden hasn't said, "one damn word about Russia or Putin." a clue.

But again, I'll point out the brains behind the operation on this side of the Atlantic was Steve Bannon. That's were the little Putin ground strategist, deconstructionist, treasonous, one that needs to face the "gallows." But, he got pardoned. Bannon is guilty as SIN.

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