Criminal indictments officially filed against Allen Weisselberg by Manhattan district attorney


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Dec 1, 2020
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The Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance has officially filed indictments of Trump Organization CEO Allen Weisselberg and the Trump Organization. The indictments were filed late Wednesday and the documents are in the system and will be public Thursday.

The charges are believed to be tax-related and Weisselberg is expected to turn himself in early in the morning, said Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold.
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It's going to be a nothing burger.

After he turns himself in, instantly posts bail and walks right back out, he'll wind up paying fines, restitution and do a year or two of probation and that will be that.
It's going to be a nothing burger.
Yep. If not claiming perks as income is all they have on Weissleberg then they have jack shit. First offense with a clean record he'll just get fines. Probably wont even get probation.
I wouldn't be too sure about that. That they're calling it a 15 year long employee tax scheme to evade taxes says RICO to me. This shit is far from over.
Which is it? 406 or 460? There's both and both have subsections.

406 deals with real property tax. 460 deals primarily with enterprise corruption.

Both are serious code violations you really don't want to have to fight.

Speaking with Fox News, Eric Trump made a number of incriminating remarks that led many to believe that his father's company is actually guilty of doing what it has been accused of.

He even went a step further by weighing in on the alleged scheme the company is accused of. He dismissed the allegations describing the alleged kickbacks as nothing more than "employment perks." But that's conceding exactly the point at issue: The DA argues that the Trump Organization paid Weisselberg using these "perks" — such as renting him an apartment in New York City — to compensate him and avoid paying taxes. That's a crime, and calling the non-salary benefits "employment perks" doesn't reduce culpability. It confirms the prosecutors' account of events.