Cool Japanese Destroyer


Most destroyers have the ability to have depth charges, launchers, etc. I think some of the British line have the Hedge Hog launcher as well.

Problem is, there are no submarines in the game. Yet.
I am hoping to get the Hyuga
Yeah. That got added not long ago. I think December. I'm grinding about 4 nations at once. On Japan, I'm now working on the Furutaka. I was actually working on it but a patch they threw in about two weeks ago added the Isuzu back behind it so I had to stop, go back and grind it.

I hate when they do that. That's 26,000 RP that could have got me nearly 1/4 the way through the Furutaka.

But oh well.

The way they work the research requirements, you pretty much have to grind them all anyway. So after I get the Furutaka, I'll have to go back and research the Agano to unlock T5 so I can then start on the Suzuya to go towards the Hyuga.
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