Carl Hiaasen of the Miami Herald has retired.

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
If you'd asked me before this morning who Carl Hiaasen was, I wouldn't have known. But I just saw this retweet from Rick Wilson and read it out of curiosity.

I'm glad I did. You should too.


Once I called Miami City Hall a “bribe factory,” and another time described Tallahassee as a “festival of whores.” Too subtle? Possibly.​
One time, the Legislature authorized random drug tests for state employees. Lawmakers mysteriously exempted themselves, so I offered to personally pay a big lab so that every one of them, including the governor, could pee in a cup.​
No volunteers. Wonder why.​
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I used to read the Herald a lot years ago. It got to be 30 pages of advertising with 2 pages of stories in it and I gave it up. You'd read a paragraph on page one then have to find another part of that article in section D then it would be continued on some page in section E. It got to be a damn scavanger hunt to read the damn paper so I stopped reading it.