Canadian Crooks Apologized After Realizing They Broke Into the Wrong Home: Police


Resident Canadian
Dec 1, 2020
Canada's Ocean Playground

“Through the ensuing conversation they were able to determine those individuals (who owed them money) did not reside there, they were at another address,” said Sottosanti. “At that point, I guess they realize they made a mistake and somewhat apologized.”
What’s more, is that the alleged crooks offered to pay for the damages they caused by busting the door down, a few hundred dollars. Following their apology, the men then bid the women adieu. Sottosanti said the whole situation played itself out in about five minutes. "
Didn't they know who owed them money ? I mean if they were holding hammers over the women, that would mean that they would have known what the other parties looked like etc?

Ole well, I guess the Canadian authorities are going to be asking them those questions, I suppose ?