Canada’s largest public sector pension sells off stakes in two U.S. private prison giants

And I'm sure that had nothing to do with the fact that Joe Biden ended all contracts with private prisons.

Gimme a break. They didn't do that out of any moral pressure. They did it because the private prison industry is about to take a huge hit.

As a pensioner with them I made my views known about this investment. There were a lot of pensioners who were very unhappy about this acquisition in particular.
And I can completely agree with that.

But were it not for Biden terminating all federal contracts with those very prisons, believe me they would still be invested ass over elbow in the private prisons sytem.

The only reason they sold out is because they know they're about to lose a ton of money as the existing contracts expire and are not renewed due to Biden's order.
This is something I know a bit about. That Canadian company was jumping on the bandwagon. What happened was that Trump went ahead in July or August and signed these bigassed long contracts with GEO and CoreCivic. That's about the same exact time that Canadian fund bought all those stocks in those same two companies. They actually believed Trump who Im sure got some sort of kickback somehow out of it that the contracts would be bullet proof. Both those companies also were busted giving tons of money to get Trump elected again.

The whole deal was dirty on everybodys part. I mean everybody. From Trump to GEO and CoreCivic to the Canadian fund. The fix was in for all of them from the beginnign. They never thought that Trump would lose and they were stupid enough to believe Trump that even if he did lose they could keep their contracts going.

Once again everybody believes Trump for some stupid reason and they all get it right in the ass. Every damn one of them deserves it too.