BUSTED? Why the numbers behind Mitch McConnell’s re-election don’t add up


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Dec 1, 2020
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"Turning an 18% approval into a 58% win may seem like a “turning water into wine”-style miracle, but a “smoke & mirrors” parlor trick seems more likely. To better understand how the data could have been manipulated, look no further than Trump’s own legal filings..In a Dec. 4 filing in Georgia, Trump’s legal team referred to a “machine-controlled algorithm deliberately run” by a voting machine vendor, Dominion Voting Systems. They allege this algorithm “generally took more than 2.5% of the votes from Mr. Biden and flipped them to Mr. Trump.” So Trump’s own legal team, instead of providing evidence of fraud by Biden’s side, may have inadvertently revealed fraud benefiting Trump. In describing a deliberate, vendor installed, machine-controlled algorithm automatically taking a percentage of Biden’s votes and giving them to Trump, they certainly are outlining how fraud could have been executed.
People keep on and on with this complete nonsense.

Most GOP representatives have abysmal approval ratings and always have. Ted Cruz won reelection with a 23% approval rating just a couple years ago. Devin Nunes won reelection with a 30% approval rating. In fact, I don't know of a republican representative with a 50% or better approval rating at all.

It really is just this simple: No matter how horrible the person is, no matter how awful their job performance is, no matter how much they betray the people that elected them, no matter what, republicans are going to vote GOP.


If it's Lucifer himself on the GOP ticket vs. Raphael Warnock, you can bet that every republican that can is going to vote for Lucifer. It's like battered wife syndrome: they figure that as bad as their republican piece of shit is, the democrat is going to be far worse.
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This was good. This is more that backs up that they have been cheating for years!!

That Psychiatrist Dr. Frank, said they they have been cheating in the 2016 election he was certain of it. And, why would we not think they cheated in the 2020 down ticket elections?

Susan Collins should NOT have won.
Lindsey Graham should NOT have won.
And a few more of them.

So, the question needs to be asked, who owns ES&S ?
I don't know man. I sort of side with Zeedox on this one. How do such shitheads keep winning like that? I mean think about it. If people are pissed off enough to get rid of Trump surely the people in Kentucky have had enough of Moscow Mitch and that asshole Rand Paul. They're both just fucking awful.
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What kills me more is to a true neutral party watching from totally outside - "how much we (most of us here) believe the numbers must be fake" probably sounds a lot like the trumpers who can't believe they lost.
And that's it exactly.

You see, we're talking about really poor, uneducated parts of the United States. Most people in Ted Cruz', Mitch McConnell's area and the like never make it through high school, let alone anything else. Kentucky is in fact one of the poorest states in the nation. (It's number 44.)

They are fooled into believing that their problem is the democrats. They (the GOP) sell them on the racist that they are and convince them that they (democrats) are to blame for keeping them down since the civil war. It's all the Dem's fault.

They sell them on the idea that as bad as things are, if it weren't for them, they'd be even worse off. So those poor (literally), illiterate people keep on voting for GOP candidates because they're convinced if they don't things will get even worse than they already are.

As I said before, it's like battered wife syndrome: the woman still loves the man even though he beats her regularly. You guys (outsiders looking in) are like the cops that say, "Ma'am, you have GOT to leave this guy before he kills you! He's no good! We've seen this before!"

But she stays with him anyway. To the death.

That's how it is with Republicans.
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