Big Business gearing up to dominate canabis legalization.

Gomez Adams

Grammar Fascist
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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
Well, this should have been and probably was expected, but it's frightening.

A new cannabis coalition made up of a wide variety of national corporations, including tobacco and alcohol firms, launched today with the purpose of influencing policy and potentially shaping the first federal cannabis regulations.

The group is operating under the premise that federal legalization is inevitable and is enlisting a group of cannabis policy experts to help guide their efforts.

That is going to be a disaster for consumers.
We knew in the early 80's that tobacco companies had already trademarked names like reefer, 'joint, etc. If they've been smart they've simply licensed those out vice selling them off completely.
That is going to be a disaster for consumers.

Not yet up here even though there has been some corporate buyouts. What most of them are finding out is consumers are not ready for a cannabis market like 'craft beer'. $10-20gr (48-16 US) high-end stuff sales are very slow or non-existent.
At the moment all the corporations are learning is consumers want is their Bud/Miller priced-beer first and foremost. Here government stores have finally brought in under $5/gr ($4 US) half decent bud. So an ounce of government inspected 15 - 20% runs about $150 ($120 US) taxes all in. The cheapest ounce (I havent tried yet) is $120 ($95 US).

I expect we'll get to around 2.50 to 3.00 in the end once outdoor growing goes commercial. Right now almost all is indoor growen.
What this group is going to do is buy politicians to make legislation that will give them complete control of the industry.

For instance, they'll ban state sanctioned grower licenses in favor of federally issued licenses. Then they, of course, will be the only ones with a federal license.

They will simply crush all independent growers and run the marijuana industry exactly the same way they run the tobacco industry.