Biden Will Disinfect the White House After Trump Moves Out


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Dec 1, 2020
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Prior to Joe Biden’s move into the White House, the presidential residence will receive a much-needed deep cleaning treatment, a spokesperson for the General Services Administration has revealed to Politico. There have been over 40 COVID-19-positive people in President Donald Trump’s circle, raising questions about the dangers that will be lurking when Biden’s team moves in. As recently as Wednesday, Trump appeared bare-faced during a Hanukkah party with hundreds of guests at the White House.

Man, you can't make up shit better then this.
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Hell.... I don't blame BIDEN a bit !! I would steam clean that place to hell and back.!!! AND WOULD REPAINT THE DAMN PLACE !! head to toe !!

I would have some shit remodeled...

And I would have the fucking rose garden re-instated,, get the fucking contractors back out, and dig the fucking concrete back out !!
What about that presidential book of secrets ? And, all that underground stuff that has been built ? You know they have all of those secret passages, bunkers, underground pathways, nuclear shelters, they underground railways that lead to places far away to military command centers etc.

Plus, they have command centers under there to run the country from. I think there's a lot of "shit" wired in that's hidden inside that place their obviously not telling anyone about.

Hell, we don't even know what kind of "shit" is hidden in there, and just below that white house ?? The Senate knows some of the inter lower level hallways to get in and out, that the media doesn't even cover in the press.