At long, long last, it has arrived!

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
The front end loader shovel for the mower is FINALLY here.

shovel box.jpg

Now then, there's a problem with this picture. You see the small box sitting on top of the big front shovel box? That is the mulching attachment kit for the riding mower you see in the background. Here's the problem: I already have it on the mower.

Follow me on this journey from Lowe's.

Back on the 17th of March, I made this post:

Where I ordered the mower, the mulch kit and the front end shovel kit from Lowes. Well, things got weird. The next day our credit card called to say they had blocked several 2,000 dollar charges to our card at a Lowes in North Carolina. Long story on that made short, I headed up to my local Lowe's on Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road to straighten it out.

It took 2 hours. Their online system had somehow sent the order to the wrong store. Not only that, once it got to the wrong store, whoever was there tried to enter it and messed it up three times and rather than fix it they just kept reentering it.

So it took their "IT team" (read as team of monkeys) an hour and a half to just delete that order. Speaking with the manager, he then ordered it all right there in front of me. The shovel was on backorder so it would take a few weeks to get.

So they were supposed to get everything in on the 25th and deliver it on the 26th. Of course, that didn't happen. Three days later, the mulch kit shows up on my front deck. Odd, I thought, as it was supposed to all come together on the 26th, but hey. Who cares, right?

So the 26th comes and I'm waiting for the delivery. It's getting to be the afternoon when I get a call from Lowe's delivery service. Turns out they had sold the mower meant for me and the shovel was again on backorder and wouldn't be available until late April at best.

I was not at all pleased. So I went up to S&S Ace Hardware, who are an authorized Husqvarna dealer and service center. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with those folks. I've dealt with them for 15 years, but never cared for the manager's son, who is a patent horses ass.

Anyway, I go up there and tell them the entire story. They've got my mower sitting on the floor that they can bring me in about an hour.


But the shovel they verify is on backorder and not available until April 30th. What's more, I bought it from Lowe's for about 580 dollars. The best price he could give me was 630. I said fine. Bought the mower. Went back to Lowe's.

Get to Lowe's and ask for the manager. Again. He shows up and I tell him the whole story I just told you. Told him I've bought the mower from S&S, they're delivering it in about an hour. I still want the shovel, so just ship it straight to me whenever you get it.

The manager asks: What about the mulch kit?

I told him that it had come in 3 days after I first ordered all of it back on the 17th of March. He said OK, so we'll mark that done deal.

And guess what gets delivered today? Another mulch kit. :rolleyes:

It's not hard. It really isn't. It's three items. But oh well...I'll run it back up to Lowe's later this week.

Anyway, let's have some fun putting all of this together:

shovel parts.jpg
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It's been a busy weekend. My daughter moved out of the dorm, so I now have a baby fridge in my man cave. :)

Got the yard work done and FINALLY finished assembling and installing the scoop. As much a pain in the ass it was to put together, it's actually brilliant.

Husqvarna Scoop.jpg

The passenger side arm raises and lowers the bucket. The drivers side arm dumps it. Maximum load is about 200 pounds. At that weight it takes roughly 25 pounds of force to lift it.

The engineering behind it is simply brilliant.