Ashley Homestore - A Cautionary Tale

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Dec 1, 2020
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Do not do business with these people. Let me tell you why:

Back on August 15th, my wife and I ordered a leather sofa from them. Originally, it was due to be delivered on Saturday, September 4th. We were perfectly OK with that.

I had never heard of furniture being delivered on a Saturday, but that works well for us because garbage day is on Monday. For large items such as sofas, old dishwashers, what have you, you have to call the week before to set up the large item truck to come by Monday to pick it up.

So that was going to be perfect. I would call Waste Management on Wednesday the 1st, tell them I have an old sofa from pickup on Monday the 6th, the sofa gets delivered Saturday the 4th, the old sofa sat out at the curb and it only has to be there for a day and change before it's picked up.

Perfect plan, eh? Yes. It was. Until...

I get a call on August the 23rd telling me that the sofa is on backorder and will not be arriving until Saturday the 4th, so they need to put off delivery until the following Saturday the 11th.

Well, we were disappointed of course, but hey, it's only another week, right? And it's still the perfect plan, right? Right! UNTIL...

I get an email just this past Saturday, September 4th. Here it is:

reschedule delivery.jpg

So I clicked the link just to see when it could be delivered. Thursday the 9th of September was it. That didn't really work out for us because that means the old sofa would be sitting out at the street for 5 days which could get us in hot water with the HOA, so we decided to just stick to the original plan of having it delivered on Saturday. After all, it was the perfect plan, right? Right. UNTIL:

I get a phone call yesterday afternoon, Labor Day, about 5:15. There's a lady I can barely understand on the phone saying she's from Ashley Homestore and there's a "problem" with our sofa. Apparently, they will not have it in stock until the 19th of September for a delivery date of the 25th of September.

Say what?!

I asked how on earth that's possible when I just got an email that I could have it on Thursday. She said she had no idea what I was talking about and that the new delivery date was the new delivery date and hung up.

So I call customer service. I ask to speak to a supervisor. The lady hems and haws and delays and puts me on hold for what seems like an eternity. All of a sudden I get this voice on the phone:

"On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being very satisfied, how satisfied are you with your customer service experience?"

I press 1.

"Thank you for your feedback. You may hang up now."

At this point, I'm pretty livid. I call back, get yet another lady I can barely understand, ask to speak with a supervisor and she says, "Is this the guy with the sofa?"

Yeah. They know.

I said yes. Finally, after even more holding (it's nearly 6:00 by the time this happens) a man that sounded like he was 20 picks up the phone. Here's that conversation:

Jay: This is Jay, how may I help you?​
Me: Jay. That's your name?​
Jay: Yes it is.​
Me: Tell me something, Jay; how is it possible for me to get an email two days ago saying I could have my sofa earlier only to get a call today saying it's going to be several more weeks before I get it?​
Jay: ummm...I don't really know. All I can see on the account is that it's up for a 19th arrival for a 25th delivery.​
Me: I'll tell you exactly how it happened: You sold it out from under me, didn't you? You had somebody say something like, "I'm not going to wait until the 25th, I'll just go elsewhere" so you sold him mine to make the sale and then kicked me down the river thinking I'd just go along with it."​
Jay: *long pause* Well, that's possible. Yes.​
Me: Thank you for at least admitting that.​
Jay: I'm not saying that IS what happened, but I am saying that it's possible that it happened.​
Me: Thank you. Now cancel my order. I wouldn't take that sofa from you people now if you delivered it, refunded my money and kissed my bare ass.​
Jay: Understood. I'll cancel it for you and you should get an email in a few moments.​

Which I did. So folks, DO NOT do business with these people. They will have you waiting around forever and sell whatever you buy right out from under you at the drop of a hat.

Like so many other companies today, they simply DO NOT CARE AT ALL about the customer they already have. It's the one they are desperate to get. Which of course loses them all the customers they already had.

Small wonder businesses go bankrupt so often.

Post Script: I ordered a leather sofa from Costco. It'll be here Tuesday the 14th. Screw the HOA.
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Same damn reason your neighbor gets the same internet you have for half the price for two years. You can't be loyal to anybody anymore. You have to get a new everything every year or two or you just get screwed on the pricing. Then again, shit, you'd probably be getting that sofa sometime next year if you'd let them get away with that shit again.