Apple Reverses Remote Work Policy After Machine Learning Head Decamps to Alphabet


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Dec 1, 2020
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One of Apple’s highest-profile return-to-office detractors reportedly landed a new gig at Alphabet’s DeepMind, marking the latest drama over Big Tech’s remote work scuffles. That move, ironically, comes right around the same time Apple decided to walk back its most recent return-to-office push

I got into a conversation with someone recently about this incoming push to return to work instead of work from home. They didn't realize that if everyone decides working from home is better, there's an incoming real estate crash from over priced commercial office buildings. Not that I care about the corporations anymore.

Quite frankly I think a good kick in the assets department would do wonders for a lot of corporations.
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My wife is still working from home. It's a double edged sword: she works ALL the time. Her office is right down the hall upstairs and she's the type that if something is pressing then by God she'll sit in there 'till it's done.

At the office, she probably worked 45 to 55 hours per week. Now, I'd put that closer to 65 to 70 with ease.

I don't see them making her ever go back to the office. It would be really stupid on their part.
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