Another failed murder scheme.

Hugo Stiglitz

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Dec 7, 2020
You guys are going to love this shit. I can't mention names or get into absolute specifics but here are the broad strokes. Just got out of a meeting an hour ago with the regional manager, an assistant district attorney and some other suits I didn't know who the hell they were. Got a claim about 8 months ago that looked like a basic died of covid claim. Some of those policies are slow walked through payoff for some reasons you wouldn't believe and I wont get into. But this one was a bit odd because months later we couldn't get the beneficiary (the wife) to release a death certificate to us.

I would call and never get an answer and email and never get a reply for weeks on end. Then about a month to six weeks ago this lawyer shows up making some threats. I told him sit tight and called the floor manager. He comes in we all talk the lawyer leaves. The floor manager thinks something stinks to high hell and I agree so we do a conference call with in house counsel.

Nothing comes of it. I gave the floor manager the file and as far as I was concerned I was done. Till today. Turns out the woman wouldn't release the death certificate for a good reason. She didn't have it yet because the doctor had suspected something so he had the police look into it. Turns out his wife jacked him up with arsenic. The lawyer came in to try to scare us into giving her the check because they were in on it together. They figured nobody would bother checking and that it would be written off to covid.

So now they're both in jail for murder and insurance fraud among other things. The icing on the cake of the whole damn thing is because of all of that it's going to be the guys first wife that winds up getting a settlement. Can you imagine that? You marry a guy, have an affair with a lawyer, cook up a plan to kill the guy for his insurance policy, kill him, get caught, you and your lawyer lover are going to prison for the rest of your lives and the ex-wife gets the money. Talk about poetic justice! Not to laugh at the misfortune of the poor guy but shit man that's funny! We've been giggling about it for the last 30 minutes.

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
Confession: I usually get in bed around 7 to 8 pm and watch the crime shows Forensic Files. You see some really messed up stuff there, but nothing quite like that. And she'll have the rest of her life to think about the fact that she supplied the ex with all the money.


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Dec 3, 2020
LMMFAO!!! She gets the rap and the X gets the cash. Son of a bitch that's funny!