Americans demand court-martial for Flynn after call for military coup: 'Honor veterans — arrest this traitor'


Resident Canadian
Dec 1, 2020
Canada's Ocean Playground

Lt. Gen Michael Flynn proclaimed that he thinks there should be a military coup to replace President Joe Biden with Donald Trump in the White House. It's something that sent many to demand he be court-martialed, the legal process of prosecution in the U.S. Military.
It's gone beyond batshit crazy because they know now that Biden is ignoring it all. He's got Merrick Garland defending Barr and Trump on two fronts now and for some strange reason even after a year of investigation, nothing at all is happening with Gaetz.

What's more, Biden allowed by design the 15 dollar minimum wage to fail. Democrats have acted all along as if they're in the minority.

There's only one plausible explanation for that: Biden doesn't care. He's self centered on his legacy as president and he doesn't want it overshadowed by Trump and company's crap.

Republicans know that now. They are openly calling for insurrection and race war now more than when Trump was president.

And they're getting away with it all without so much as a peep out of the White House or the DOJ.