Amazon workers on Staten Island vote for company’s first unionized warehouse in U.S.


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Dec 1, 2020
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Employees at an Amazon warehouse on New York’s Staten Island voted Friday to join a union, a groundbreaking move for organized labor and a stinging defeat for the e-commerce giant, which has aggressively fought unionization efforts at the company.

The tally was 2,654 votes in favor of joining the union and 2,131 opposed. Approximately 8,325 workers were eligible to vote whether to become part of the Amazon Labor Union. There were 67 challenged ballots, a gap that’s too narrow to change the outcome of the election. The results still need to be formally certified by the National Labor Relations Board.
I don't think you get it.

None of that matters. Government ran unions out of the United States almost completely. They did it because the people with the money paid them too. There is no way on this planet they will allow unions to come back in any force at all.

It doesn't matter what they do, how many votes they get, the rich will pay their way around it. Amazon will spend BILLONS before they allow a union to take hold. They'll simply shut that warehouse down completely and pay a third party warehouse company to do deliveries and storage in that area.

Then, let's see if anybody else dares vote for a union knowing full well they'll all lose their jobs if they do.

That's how the big automakers pretty much ran UAW out of business. That's how Amazon already broke the back of the Teamster's Union as well.

They can shift and vote all they want, but about all they're going to do is wind up back in the unemployment line.
He invited them. Then he paid them off, they left and nobody has mentioned union again. Nor will they.

Part of the reason he's opening the plant in Texas is to eventually shutter the California plant. The cost are far less.