Alexander Vindman posts fake video of DCS Flight Simulator Game as real.

Meanwhile, over at DCS:

Dear Virtual Fighter Pilots, Partners, and Friends,
During the past 30 years, we have worked hard to bring you the most realistic combat flight simulators available for PC. Be it a WWII aircraft or a modern fighter our aim was and remains to offer realism and fun to the entertainment market.​
With the exceptional technical progress made in hardware and software, it is difficult to tell the difference between DCS and real-world footage. This is wonderful for you and for the industry in general. However, in the light of the current situation unfolding in Ukraine, it is paramount to avoid generating images which could be misconstrued and potentially put lives in danger. Therefore may we beg you to be sensible and avoid using DCS to create videos of this nature.​
Our thoughts are with everyone during these uncertain times, and we thank you, our dedicated and caring community for flagging such content and bringing it to the media’s attention. Fake news of this nature is too serious to be left alone and needs to be called out by those of you who know what to look for.​
Thank you for your understanding and for your support.​
Kind regards​
The Eagle Dynamics team
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