World Of Warships Adds Very Bored King Kong And Godzilla


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Dec 1, 2020
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I looked into this a bit more.

Now, I'm not a big video watcher. I'd rather just read the text. First off, people that make videos tend to ramble on in their own self importance without ever getting to the point. Secondly, people's voices typically annoy me.

That said, you have to check these videos out. Grab a beer and just sit and watch this guy, who is a previous WoWS community contributor that got kicked out, tell you how big a scam this whole thing is:

I bet 10 bucks all those die hard wargaming fanboys suck that shit up the instant it came out then play two games in it and start bitching.
I bet they blew 100 bucks on loot boxes and didn't get it so they bitched for hours before spending another 150 to buy it outright and then found it shity and have been rage posting ever since.

One thing you gotta give Wargaming they know their addicts well.