Why Did I Hoard This Stuff?


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Dec 1, 2020
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As much as I hate slide show articles this one nails me pretty good.
Oh God I'm so him.

My wife is all over me to clean the basement because of exactly this issue.

I've got laptops, routers, monitors, video cards, cameras ( film, tape and digital ), the list is endless.

I still have the first thing I ever bought with a credit card: a pair of Pioneer tower speakers. They're in the basement hooked up to an old two channel sony and a sony 5 cd changer.

I bought them in 1988. They're dusty but other than that still look and sound brand new.

It's ridiculous the crap I've got down there.
I still have to make time to get rid of those 100 something Laser Disc movies and Laser Disc Player I have. I never seem to get around to doing it. I keep dreading the packing and shipping process involved. Craig's list here will be hit or miss, and you'll get next to nothing for them. Certain individual titles that I have are hitting big money on eBay, like about 12 titles are highly sought after on LD format. I think I'll try to sell those individually, then try to sell the rest of the stuff and the player off as a whole lot ?

I think that's what most people do. I just got so tired of the eBay scene a couple years ago, I dread dealing with it, unless it's one key item I need, or want to try to get rid of. If you know what I mean.

But yea, I need to unload those old Lasers. Might be smart to just take less and just get rid of all that mess.
My weirdest item is an RF remote TV broadcaster.
In early cable days there were still certain areas in the house that cable didn't get to or you couldn't afford to get cable into them. This gadget got hooked up to the output from a cable TV and would analogue broadcast that TV signal on a RF channel 3 or 4. Then you would tune your other TV (without cable) to that broadcast channel and watch. To change the channel you had to go back to the original TV but you got to watch your show from any TV in the house. Of course in a city so did the neighbours.
I've never been that bad about it mostly becuase I've never had a lot of stuff to begin with. Never had the room for it. Had to get rid of half what I had when I moved in with my uncle.

But things are looking up a bit. I don't post much because I don't have internet at my uncles house. I only post when I'm at the library. I hate mooching off free wifi, but I've been coming by here to use their internet looking for a job. I start a new job on monday so hopefully in a couple or few weeks I'll start getting back on my feet.
Your taxes paid for that while you were working, so don't worry about it.

And congrats on the new job! Things are tough all over, man. I know a few people out of work and it's going to be tough for them to find jobs with 30 million other people looking along with them.

Hang in there!
New Job. Cool.

Hope it all works out. I've been down that job trail trek a few times in the past. It can get a bit ruff sometimes. I'm still managing to hang on to the one I've got, but that's not always been easy either. And, then theirs the inner drive that makes you want to break away to find something new. But, with things being the way they are, you keep just sucking it up going forward.

I was doing that back in 2003, using the library, and the employment office to look for jobs. I had just got out of college. And, had federal applications submitted left and right, state job applications, private sector job applications, going to interviews, resumes etc. and even using the universities' career job placement center for job openings, trying to get connections etc.

It was a very bad, bad, time for environmental majors, because of the gulf war business. And Cheney and Bush, had cut off funding in DC for environmental things at the federal level ( which trickles down of course ), to divert to the war effort. And, of course Cheney didn't want any environmental interfering with his operations in Wyoming, and elsewhere with the EPA, and everywhere else.

I had 3 done deal environmental jobs blown because of the Bush administration. 1.) A career position with the U.S. Customs Service at the Port of San Francisco, CA that I was hired for on paper, (approved); but Bush's Homeland Security office found a reason to blow it up on me, just like thousands of others ( I wasn't the only one ).

2.) Another, EPA Environmental position, Environmental Scientist, in New York, New York, building right next to where the trade centers fell. It came down to me and 2 other people out of a list of 15 people. They picked a guy, left me and a girl from Montana standing. Then, they called back 2.5 weeks later and said, "He decided to go to Grad School." So, now it's down to you and her. They picked her ( my theory is, she had good looking legs, I had better classes, and credentials than she did !!) Well, then, about 5 days later, an e-mail came out to both us (and anyone else) saying, "We are sorry, due to the decisions in D.C. and due to the Bush Administration, and war etc. The position has been "Closed!: $

3.) The other position was in the state of California. Somewhere around Sacramento and southward ? It would have been BLM type of environmental work. That got pulled about the time the guy said, "I think I want to hire you, I need someone, I can train you, and your degree fits. No sooner than he said, it, they pulled the money on him, "he was furious!-- I was aggravated too."

4.) Ah, New Mexico. Not far from Albuquerque. BLM position. Water and Land resources. Even got a prescreening interview on this, me and another girl. Two openings, so we were not competing against each other. He was getting ready to hire us both, was going to do the final big interview. Even talked to us on the phone.

You guessed it; DC cut the money off.

So, now this is why I work where I do now. Bush, Obama, Trump, soon to be Biden. I'm still here.