What did you expect for 23 million dollars?

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
I know this isn't a sports site, but man this is just awful.

When Georgia Tech fired football coach Paul Johnson, I wasn't that surprised. He had a few good years in his tenure, but the option just wasn't ever going to take Tech any further.

Paul Johnson was the 4th winningest coach in Georgia Tech History.

They fired him to hire Geoff Collins. Geoff Collins is paid more than Paul Johnson was. His record so far over the three years he's been there?

9 wins - 23 loses

No Georgia Tech football coach has ever lost like that.

What's worse? Loss number 24 is on the way. Notre Dame is currently beating...let me rephrase that, SLAUGTHERING Georgia Tech 55 to 0.

Yeah you guys are sucking pretty huge. We are too and are coach makes more than yours. Scott Frost is a fucking former player and that's it. But he's fired everybody under him and been given another chance for some stupid fucking reason. It's somehow never his fault. He's like Trump. Hires only the finest people that he throws under the fucking bus 8 months later.