Wargaming made Battleships useless by over nerfing secondaries


World of Warships Reporter
Mar 31, 2021
Not sure if this surprises anyone, Wargaming is now in the process of removing hulls like Bayern's WW1 hull, before the secondaries for all battleships were nerfed/reduced. Bayern's WW1 hull was seen as the best brawling ship in game and it meant any destroyer that sailed close to it was literally asking to get killed within seconds to minutes because it had effective secondaries. Then Wargaming decided to nerf all battleship secondaries into oblivion which even affected Bayern as well:

That's a lot to take in.

It's sort of funny you're posting this because a few weeks back @Capitalism_is_Theft and I were talking about Wargaming in general. I haven't played WoT since 2017. I actually gave the account info to a longtime friend of mine and he played it for a bit but that was it.

The last time I played WoWS was 2018 I think. I'm not sure.

I uninstalled them both long ago and haven't been back. But as we were talking about it we came to the conclusion that it would be interesting to reinstall them just to see where the games were at this point and how much they had changed (if at all).

But I couldn't get it to download. The game manager would download at a snails pace and then crash after about an hour. I gave up after two attempts. Capitalist said he just left it going overnight I think and that it eventually downloaded but it took hours and hours.

I may have to try again just to test all that out myself. The Bismarck was my favorite ship by far. The secondary build was awesome with one exception: you usually got blown to bits before you could get in close enough to let people have it with the secondaries. But still, when you did make it, it was glorious.

I'll try to download it and install it again just to check this out for myself, but if it's anything like the last time it's not going to happen. It's almost like they don't want anybody downloading the game anymore.
Well, whatever it was they must have fixed it. Game Center installed in about 5 seconds this time and it's downloading WoWS at about 13.5 mbps.

So I'll probably be able to check it out this evening. (Got school with my son, then pickup at Lowe's, etc. so I'll be busy most of the day.)
Got it installed and was able to log in.

Something is wrong. I seem to remember my German captain having about 24 or 25 skill points. Now he has only 16. I didn't get to look around much as I have to get ready for afternoon school with my son, but that doesn't seem right at all.

So strike one: they changed all of the skills. I've not played in so long that I couldn't reset them for free, so I paid 350 gold to reset them. I rebuilt the secondary build on the Bismarck and took him out.

Wow. Just wow. It's completely useless now. I played a PvE game because I haven't played in so long I didn't want to make a complete ass of myself. But I literally couldn't hit an island.

Let me repeat that: I could not hit an ISLAND.

Bad enough my 25 point captain was somehow magically reduced to 19 points. Bad enough they removed the skills that actually worked and added skills that are worthless.

But holy hell, man.

How anybody is still playing that shit game is completely beyond me. Seriously. It's SO bad it's beyond belief. I didn't think that even Wargaming could screw up that badly, but boy oh boy did they prove me wrong.

I've pretty much given up on gaming. Seriously. It's all shit now rigged to hell and gone for micro transactions.