Voting technology company sends legal notices to Fox News and other right-wing media outlets over 'disinformation campaign'


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Dec 1, 2020
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Man, I am telling you, Fox News will make up bat crazy shit, and report it like little Debbie Cakes packaged in wrappers out the door and will feed people up on sugar high with this kind of crazy lies, until they stagger when they walk.

And OAN and Newsmax are the up coming upstarts, that are really burning the midnight oil
This is some serious shit.

They can definitely prove defamation as half the country is now convinced they had a hand in rigging the election against Trump. Fox and their buddies are fucked. All they have to do is go into court and play all those stories and that's it. It's going to cost 10's of millions of dollars to buy their way out of that shit.
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