UPS - The worst ship in the shipping industry.

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
I've long had a hate-hate relationship with UPS for several reasons.
  • They charge a TON of money.
  • They break everything they touch.
  • They "sneak" their deliveries in so you can't refuse a shipment.
And here we go again.

Last week I ordered three new Kohler toilets to replace the ones in our house. I got the email on Tuesday that they would be delivering them on Wednesday between 10am and 1pm.

So I opened one of the garage doors and waited.

Normally, I can hear the UPS truck pull up as they are pretty loud and with the garage door open it leaves a straight path to the main living room so it's easier to hear. But I never heard this guy coming.

It wasn't until my wife informed me he was here that I went out the door and saw that he had already dropped one toilet (these are still in the box, of course) off and was going to get the second one.

So I notice the box looked beat all to hell. Typical UPS. I opened the top to see not a toilet or tank but roughly 1,342,958 pieces of porcelain of varying sizes and shapes.

As he approached with the second box I informed him of what I had found. So he looks at me and says, " want to refuse delivery on it then?"

No. I love broken toilets. I love how they slice into my ass when I sit on them. OF COURSE I am refusing it.

The other toilet was in the same exact condition. I can only guess what happened to the third one as it never made it onto the truck.

So he loads them back up and off he goes. I just got an email that they're going to deliver again today between 10 and 1 just like yesterday. How? Seriously, how is that possible?

Did he take those toilets back, unload them, process them, write up new tickets, dash back over to Home Depot this morning, pick them up and now they're rushing them back out here in less than 24 hours?

UPS? Do that?

No. Hell no. No way. I am willing to bet money that they're going to try to sneak in again today and drop off the same two broken toilets and leave without me seeing them. After all, if they can do that then I can't prove that they were broken when they got here.

How sad is it that at this stage of the game I spend 1,000 dollars and have to live in fear of getting screwed by UPS because they can't deliver anything without completely destroying it?

How, in fact, are they still in business? Seriously. With just me alone they've destroyed far more items than they've ever delivered. Somebody somewhere is losing a ton of money over it. I am just at a complete loss as to who.
By choice. They simply refuse to use FedEx or local couriers.

They have some corporate deal with them where they can ruin 5,000 dollars on a 1,000 dollar order is the best I can figure.

They have an entire fleet of trucks they rent out but for whatever reason they can't use one to drive 2.4 miles to deliver an order.
The saga continues...

Number of Packages:2

Weight:105.3 LBS

Package Progress
LocationDateLocal TimeDescription
Doraville, GA, United States06/03/202210:40 AMOut For Delivery Today
Doraville, GA, United States06/02/20228:50 PMDelivery will be delayed by one business day.
Doraville, GA, United States06/02/20229:31 AMOut For Delivery Today
Doraville, GA, United States06/01/20227:55 PMDelivery will be delayed by one business day.
Doraville, GA, United States06/01/202212:52 PMMerchandise is missing. UPS will notify the sender with additional details. / All merchandise missing, empty carton was discarded. UPS will notify the sender with details of the damage.
Doraville, GA, United States06/01/20229:26 AMOut For Delivery Today
Doraville, GA, United States06/01/20224:18 AMProcessing at UPS Facility
Doraville, GA, United States06/01/20221:12 AMArrived at Facility
Atlanta, GA, United States05/31/202211:29 PMDeparted from Facility
Atlanta, GA, United States05/31/20226:14 PMOrigin Scan
United States05/30/20222:14 PMShipper created a label, UPS has not received the package yet.
Tracking results provided by UPS 06/03/2022 11:08 A.M. Eastern Time
UPS Shows up today. I walk out to meet the driver to ask if he'd like to check the boxes for breakage before he goes through the struggle of moving them off the truck. (They weigh 105.7 pounds each.)

He looks.

He looks some more.

He can't find them. They're not even on the truck.


At this point I call Home Depot. Spoke with a VERY nice lady that cancelled that entire order and reprocessed it and gave me an additional 20% off (they were already on sale for 15% off) which saves me another 150 dollars.

IF <-----BIG IF

They ever arrive unbroken.

11 toilets later, two are actually installed. I installed the downstairs powder room toilet first. I was doing the master bathroom second and was going to do the guest bathroom last.

During installation of the second one in the master bathroom, I found that the threads on the water inlet valve were broken. Rather than deal with UPS or Home Depot, I called Kohler direct and they're sending me a new valve rather than replacing the entire toilet.


So I opened the third toilet and used the tank from it as it was in perfect shape. I was going to wait on the inlet valve to come in before attempting the third.

So stay with me here - I get the master bathroom toilet out and I go to take the base of the toilet out of the second box that actually had the broken water inlet valve and guess what.


Yep. Broken.

So I called Kohler about this and they said I had to go through Home Depot. I gritted my teeth and called Home Depot. 1 hour and 12 minutes later, Kohler is sending me another base.

So I pulled the base out of the third box and it was OK, so eventually the master bathroom toilet got installed. It's very, very nice by the way.

So, all told, 12 toilets have been broken to receive just three...SO FAR.

For those keeping score, that comes to $3,348.00 destroyed to fulfill a $837.00 order. And counting.