Truth Social

It's Trump's site. It's supposed to put GETTR and Twitter out of business.

In reality though It's just another grift - getting people to sign up for auto payments from their credit cards for as long and much as they can.

I'm sure a lot of people will sign up at first and pay to hang around a month or two but that's about it.

I'm waiting for all the horror stories 6 months from now about how nobody can cancel their membership and they keep getting charged for it.

You heard it here first.
The site is completely down now. You can't even sign up for the waiting list anymore.

@devinnunes is doing such a stellar job!

Things just keep getting better and better:

Someone else also touched upon the apparent lack of communication from the platform to those who registered for an account. "I agree! However, Truth should be making regular announcements cuz many [people] are getting annoyed!"​
Some blamed the company's CEO and former congressman Devin Nunes for the uncertainty surrounding the app. One person said to Nunes, "You launch a site that has very low capacity, you invite big accounts early, and let We The People hang in limbo. So far so bad. O and you pick the most communist deep state platform Apple to be the only entree. @DonaldTrumpJr Fail, losing not winning. I am 253K."​
One person wrote that Nunes "has about a million hostages in a line that never seems to move!"​
Another user chimed in, wanting answers from Nunes, posting "What's the deal @DevinNunes no support. It's crashed and burned?"​
And that is exactly why he was hired: so Trump would have a scapegoat.
And the hits just keep on coming:

On Truth Social’s own account page, @truthsocial, site administrators advised users to please be patient as the platform continued to move through its waitlist and address tech bugs and inconsistencies. The site is the marquee offering of Trump’s tech venture, Trump Media & Technology Group, founded last year as part of a SPAC deal, with $1 billion from undisclosed investors, according to the company (which is now reportedly under investigation by federal regulators). Truth Social’s page is filled with memes: a car veering off the highway, away from a sign for “Big Tech” to an exit ramp for “Truth Social”; two doors, one for Twitter, showing a vacant room, another for “Truth Social,” with dozens of people trying to get in. But from the inside, Truth Social feels empty.​
The most vigorous conversation on the site seems to be the entirely made-up one that appeared on the mock-ups before the launch. In the images available on the Apple app store, an account called @jack is seen corresponding with a man named Rick, making conversation like “What’s your favorite place to go in the world? You won’t believe how beautiful Jamaica is.” Another mock-up, demonstrating the yet to be unveiled direct message feature, shows @jack asking someone named @jane to ask Truth Social’s moderation team to take down an offensive account. “Are you sure you want to do that?” @jane replies. “I mean it’s a pretty big deal censoring that content. Kinda an overreach… right?” In the mock-up @jack (perhaps a reference to Twitter’s founder, Jack Dorsey) writes back, “JUST TAKE IT DOWN!” with a red-faced angry emoji. What the mock-up was meant to demonstrate — a user experience free of censorship, or safe moderation — is unclear. But on the site, there was little engagement between users. In response to a post from Nunes advising “another day with more people joining the platform,” 149 replies included messages of encouragement. “Making Social Media Great Again!” one user said. “It’s already better than Twitter if anyone can read this message!!” said another.​
Dan Scavino, Trump’s former deputy chief of staff, appears to be one of the most active users on the site, with 74 Truths and counting. At the bottom of his feed, his first post on the site, published about two weeks ago, showed a picture of a blood-red wave crashing violently on the sea. Above a row of emojis — red heart, white heart, blue heart, American flag, flying eagle — Scavino wrote, “THERE ARE MORE OF US — THAN THERE ARE OF THEM!”​
Around 10 a.m., I Truthed my first Truth.​
“Anybody out there?” I wrote.​
By the end of the day, no one had responded.​
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