Trump's Legal Expert Testifies

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
Here she is, folks. The Trump team's legal expert testifying about how corrupt the election was.

She's also obviously completely drunk. Even Rudy Giuliani tries to reach over and reel her in to no avail.

How 'off the hook, batshit crazy' are you for Rudy Giuliani to be trying to reel you in?
We also just caught the Florida GOP in a scam to help move people here from Florida to vote in the January runoff election.

I tell you, it's corruption like I've never even heard of, let alone seen.
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She's "bombed!" :LOL: The Trump legal team is a complete clown car !! OMG.

The GOP is scamming people from Florida to vote in the Jan runoff election ?

See, these guys are organized, which helps them in their quest. While they were taking it away from the working class, they were forming their own:

It's supposed to result in that here as well.

Turns out the drunk woman is an "actress" and she was never hired as a poll watcher. That means she was hired to say what they told her to say.

In the legal field, that's called subornation of perjury. It's not only a crime, it's grounds for permanent disbarment.
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Oh yeah. He's a lawyer and member of the GOP. Here you go:

That's not on the news down here at all. What the hell?
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