Trump's civil suit deposition on Monday could come back to haunt him: former federal prosecutor


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Dec 1, 2020
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According to a former federal prosecutor, answers that Donald Trump gives in a civil lawsuit deposition on Monday will likely be closely scrutinized by multiple prosecutors investigating the ex-president and could come back to haunt him in court cases yet to be filed.

Trump has been ordered by Justice Doris Gonzalez of the Bronx supreme court to give a videotaped deposition at Trump Tower on Monday that will be used as part of a "lawsuit brought by a group of demonstrators who said his security guard assaulted them during a 2015 demonstration outside Trump Tower," the Guardian has reported.

"Well, the question at the heart of this case is whether Donald Trump directed his security to assault the protesters who have brought this lawsuit," Farhadian replied before noting, "And, you know, it's interesting because it's a low-profile case from the presidential campaign, but it does represent the first time that Donald Trump is going to be asked a question like that under oath and I think that a world of lawyers, prosecutors, investigators, are going to be listening for that answer."
I bet he takes the 5th on everything or says executive priviledge and refuses to answer anything at all. It's not going to matter if they say he can't claim executive privelidge either. He'll simply walk out and say sue me.
Every lawyer in the world will be telling him that but his fat orange ego won't have it. He'll spew like there's no tomorrow and even contradict himself in the first paragraph.
I hope so. I'd love to see the bastard hang himself.
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I have never, ever figured out reddit. To me it is the most confusing thing on earth. It has gotten to where I completely ignore any search results from there because they make no sense at all to me.

It is a bit of a maze to be sure. And I have to agree with your assessment of what search engines point to in reddit and what you find can be two entirely different things.

What I have come to appreciate about reddit is it's diverness:
Want to talk car, specifically AMC Pacers? there's a forum
Want to share your needlepoint patterns? there's a forum
Have a question on tourist spots in Slovinia? there's a forum.

Think no one in the world would like to do the same hobby as you? you'll be surprised - there's a forum.

In fact one of my problems with reddit is getting lost down another rabbit hole for an hour or two.
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