Trump Shit Show 2024

Gomez Adams

Grammar Fascist
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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
Follow me carefully on this:

Trump, a republican, hired Sessions, a republican, to be AG. Sessions, after recusing himself, hired Muller, a republican, to investigate.

Muller found crimes and 33 people went to prison.

But then Trump fired Sessions who had hired Muller.

Then Trump hires Barr, another republican, to be AG.

Barr then hires another republican, Durham, to investigate the investigation.

6.5 million dollars and 3 years later, he found nothing.

So what now? Well, here you go:

That's right. Now they want another republican to investigate the republican that investigated the republican that investigated the republican because the republican that recused himself from investigating the republican couldn't do so because that particular republican was involved with the crap the original republican was doing at the time.