Trump Organization may be charged next week.

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
Lawyers from the Manhattan DA's office informed the Trump Organization that they will be served will criminal charges.

It may happen as soon as next week.

That article talks about them charging the accountant. They tried to get him to flip and he wouldn't do it so they'll just hurl charges out there and see who folds up first I guess.
Well, Bill Barr has been dropping the bomb on Trump to Jon Karl in an interview. Barr called Trump's voter fraud allegations, "complete bullshit" among other things.

That's why Trump is pissed.
They were just playing some of the recordings of the interview with Barr.

" I started looking into the claims on my own as soon as he made them. I talked to cyber experts at DHS and the FBI. I took them seriously. I asked if there were ways to hack or rig the machines. It's simple: they count votes. That's it. You keep what is counted. So how many votes do you have there? 1000? Who are they for? You verify and reconcile the two. That's all there is to it; and nobody found anything at all that would even suggest fraud." - Bill Barr
I just read an article talking about how Ivanka Trump made statements during her deposition that are proven false by the upcoming charges. I think I remember Don Jr. took the 5th on his. Not sure what that idiot Eric said.

I'm not so sure it won't be Ivanka that gets fucked first and not by her daddy.
I remember reading that she acted ignorant during her deposition. For instance she claimed not to know who Weisselberg was.

Not sure playing ignorant was the way to go. It may well come back to bite her right in the ass.