Trump Commutes Stone’s Sentence – The Swamp Gets Deeper.

Gomez Adams

Grammar Fascist
Staff member
Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia

Even though we all saw this coming long ago, it still comes as a shock that it actually happened.

Donald Trump has commuted the sentence of Roger Stone, the man that actually helped Trump coordinate with the Russians and Wikileaks to help win the election in 2016.

Read that 5 times and let it sink in.

Even Richard Nixon would be appalled.

So what does “commute” mean? Well, in a nutshell it means that Roger Stone will still have 7 felony convictions against him on his personal record, but he will not serve one second in jail or on probation. The crimes still happened, but the sentence is effectively destroyed.

Of course, Roger Stone will wear the conviction as a red badge of courage, so it’s not like it does anything to him personally.

It does mean however that he can no longer own or possess firearms and is no longer allowed to vote.

Big whoop.

It also sends a very clear message: If you lie for Trump, steal for Trump, kill for Trump or whatever else for Trump, and you keep your mouth shut, he’ll pardon you.

There’s only one problem with that. Stone isn’t actually out of the woods yet. Nor is anybody else Trump will pardon. The only problem is that you would need an Attorney General that’s honest to do anything about it, which we presently don’t have. I’ll not go off on a tangent about that right now.

The limitations on presidential pardons are:
  1. You can’t pardon state crimes.
  2. You can’t remove federal civil liability.
  3. You can’t pardon impeachment.
  4. You can’t pardon crimes that have not already occurred.
So here’s the rub: Although Stone’s sentence was commuted, his civil liability is not. An honest attorney general, which we should have in roughly 6 months, would file a civil action against Stone to recover all of the court and investigative costs of his crimes.

Folks, that would be in the millions of dollars, possibly tens of millions of dollars. That’s money Roger doesn’t have.

So there’s that.

It also lets us all rest assured that Trump can’t pardon all of his hangers on and family for “crimes that have not yet been committed” as he walks out the door.
Trump campaigned on “draining the swamp”. Fact of the matter is, Trump has punished anybody that has told the truth and rewarded everybody who lies and breaks the law for him.

It is, quite literally, a mafia operation.

3.5 years into the Trump administration’s first term and the swamp has grown larger than the great Okefenokee.

The United States of America has become an embarrasement to the world. We’ve lost all credibility. We’ve completely abandoned the rule of law. We’ve lost any honor we ever had.

244 years of history of being a world leader in democracy brought to a bitter end in just 3.5 years of Trump.

I would say, “God help us”, but I think he’s looking the other way on this one.

I think even he has had enough.