Trump Administration Must Disclose Full Details of $7.3 Billion Church Bailout, Federal Court Rules


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Dec 1, 2020
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“Americans will learn exactly how much of their tax dollars were used to unconstitutionally support the religious activities of churches.”
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My supervisor just got sent home yesterday, for 10-14 days on the chance he could be positive + because one of his family members tested positive, he was around this weekend.

Maybe, yes.... But, to others in the work place, he was accused of using this as getting a free two weeks off just before to the day our 10 days of the holiday break begins before the new year. People told him, "but you were breathing air with us today, what about that? Where's our 10 work days off too ?" They other work area accused him of "scarfing free days off."

Don't know if he is or not ? Those things are know to happen with people in my work area however ( the way I know them ), so I wouldn't be surprised one bit; then again, If they are, I would not want them around IF they do develop COVID.

Then suddenly I realize the supervisor above him has had COVID too.

And, I still see these guys trying not wear masks ?? Idiots. Or, maybe they've already had it, They're all Trump thumpers !
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