Trump – The Traitor In Chief.

Gomez Adams

Grammar Fascist
Staff member
Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia

Things just keep getting worse for Donald Trump. One almost could feel sorry for him but for one thing: It is all his fault.

Trump’s answer to everything has always been the same: Fake News! Hoax! Deep State!

When our intelligence agencies became aware of Russian interference in our elections, he called it a hoax. How did he know that? Because he talked to Putin about it and Putin told him it was a hoax.

So all of our intelligence agencies are wrong, Putin is right.

Then we move on to the debacle that brought on a Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, to investigate whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with Russia in the 2016 election.

That investigation resulted in 34 guilty pleas and convictions on 31 different people and 3 companies.

But it’s all a hoax according to Trump.

Then the Ukraine debacle that led to Trump’s impeachment came to pass. That too, according to Trump, was a hoax.

Then of course Covid-19 hit. That too is a hoax according to Trump. Oddly, that hoax has at this point killed over 125,000 Americans and essentially bankrupted the nation and there’s no end in sight as cases are now skyrocketing.

Which brings us full circle back to our intelligence agencies. Just two days ago, a story broke about Russian president Vladimir Putin putting out bounties on American soldiers.

You read that right.

According to our intelligence agencies, we now have proof that Russian operatives were going to the Taliban and other groups and offering them money for each American soldier they killed.

Trump’s response? Well, we all know what it was:

Of course. Another hoax. Possibly. Maybe. Fake News.
Unfortunately, he’s lying. Again. (I know, big shock, right?)

So what was the president doing during this weekend as Americans died and this story broke? Playing golf, of course.


Having a great time without a care in the world. He tweeted the above at around 10:00 last night and then just this morning went right back to his racists views:

Very fine people on both sides. This after he had to delete a tweet that had white old people yelling “White Power” in the video.

(This tweet has since been deleted.)

He claims he never heard that. But then again he claims he hears everything.

Trump has proven time and time again that he does not care one single bit about the United States.

The only person Trump has ever “gotten tough on” are, oddly, Americans that were peacefully protesting outside the White House. He declared war on them and had troops tear gas them and beat them with shields and batons.

What’s worse is that the GOP still back him and defend him no matter what he does. It’s the most blatant, wanton display of treason this country has ever seen. Somewhere, Benedict Arnold is waiting for his presidential pardon. (And being as Trump has actually pardoned a war criminal and a corrupt politician among other lawbreakers, Arnold just might get his posthumously before years end.)

The sad fact of the matter is that Trump is a traitor. He has been since day one. He takes the word of Putin over the word of career intelligence and military officials. He believes Kim Jong Un as well. He’ll take the word of white supremacist who, according to Trump, are very fine people over anybody else.

He’ll send Americans to their deaths in order to try to save the economy.

He’ll send troops to gas and beat down the American public because their protests make him look bad.
Trump stands for everything this country stands against.

It’s going to take us all to get rid of him and his racist, science-denying, flat-earth loving followers.
In that endeavor, we have a new player: The Lincoln Project.

The Lincoln Project is a group of old-world republicans who have had enough. They, like pretty much everybody else on earth, have had enough. So do check them out, give if you can to help them and for God’s sake register to vote.

The United States will not survive another 4 years of the greatest traitor it has ever seen.