Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen assures incoming recession.

Gomez Adams

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Dec 1, 2020
Suwanee, Georgia
Ok, so there's this:

Now then, that means that there is DEFINATELY an incoming recession.


Because that stupid woman hasn't been right about a single damn thing the ENTIRE TIME she's been in office. Let's review:

Yellen: there is no inflation.
Result: inflation goes up 4%.

Yellen: inflation is up, but it's nearly peaked and will not last.
Result: inflation accelerates up to 8% and keeps on going.

Yellen: inflation has now topped off and will start to recede in the coming weeks.
Result: inflation goes up to 11% and shows now signs of stopping.

So she then FINALLY admits she was wrong about inflation. The next words out of her mouth?

Yellen: I'm not seeing any signs of a recession.

So the recession is imminent. It is incoming. And it's going to be bad. Count on it.
Umm...inflation is the reason our Bank of Canada has been raising interest rates for weeks months now.

The only market correction (recession) that seems likely is a housing correction in the Toronto marketplace.
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